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HOME Tanker 'Braer' wrecked on Shetland coast with oil ©Simon Fraser / Science photo library
AMBITION & ACTIONS Workers deploying a boom to stop oil ©Simon Fraser / Science photo library
TECHNOLOGY GAPS (WP1) Navy exercise in Messina strait on the National Emergency Plan for marine oill spills ©Italian Nay ¦ Kill•Spill partner IRSA IAMC
BIOSENSORS (WP2) Genetic analysis, DNA microarray ©Patrick Dumas / Eurelios/
Science photo library
DISPERSANTS AND SORBENTS (WP3) Navy exercise in Messina strait on the National Emergency Plan for marine oill spills ©Italian Navy ¦ Kill•Spill partner CNR IAMC
ADDITIVES (WP4) Taking sample from biotechnological bio-reactor in microbiological laboratory ©Borzywoj / Shutterstock
SEDIMENT TREATMENTS (WP5) Experimental set-up for sediment cleaning with electrodes ©Kill•Spill partner CNR IRSA
MULTIFUNTIONAL AGENTS (WP6) Spill clean-up action ©Kill•Spill partner EPE
IMPACT ASSESSMENT (WP7) Seagrass and Fish underwater ©Rich Carey / Shutterstock
FIELD TESTING (WP8) Field test site in Sicily applying Kill•Spill products for remediation ©Kill•Spill partner CNR IAMC
TEAM Group picture of Kill•Spill consortium during Kick-off meeting ©Kill•Spill consortium
NEWS & EVENTS mirroring ©keller - Fotolia.com
NEWS & EVENTS entries various ©Kill•Spill consortium, if not otherwise specified
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DISCLAIMER disclaimer marked on rubber stamp ©Wolfilser - Fotolia.com
DEFAULT BACKGROUND Spill clean-up action ©Kill•Spill partner EPE