Kill•Spill met stakeholders in Stavanger

Sunday, October 2, 2016

During a one-day seminar on 29 September 2016, Kill•Spill exchanged with the Norwegian oil and spill industry and authorities about the potential for bio-remediation approaches in oil spill response and remediation.
Representatives from Statoil, ExxonMobile, OSRL and the Norwegian Coastal Administration discussed about the experiences the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) gained after the accident of "Full City" in 2009, and their views on a governmental dispersant capacity, as they believe it will be a supplement to the current national Oil Spill Response in Norway.
The Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO) introduced its strategy for combating oil spills in the Arctic, as well as the organization of Oil Spill Response in Norway. SINTEF provide insight into recent research on combating oil spills in the Arctic. The challenges were put into perspective of the Kill•Spill project by the coordinator Nicolas Kalogerakis. It was highlighted how approaches developed in the four-year project could serve as "green" alternatives or complements to mechanical and chemical response in combating of oil spills.