Kill•Spill is dedicated to communicating with the spill industry, experts, scientists and the general public. Explore some of the examples and find out about project progress in various media.

Kill the Spill

The sea is naturally self-cleaning because most pollution is eaten by microorganisms living in the water. But that process takes time. Hence Kill•Spilll researchers look into ways of speeding it up. EURONEWS has recently shot and broadcasted a special feature about the project.

How mesoporous particles release nutrients for bacteria

Natural biodegradation of crude oil and fuels spilled in the ocean may be slow due to nutrient limitation. Kill•Spill partner FHNW has developed a smart system to deliver nitrogen and phosphorous to bacteria exacty where and when they are needed.

Microbes clean up the oceans

Oil spills and plastic waste are polluting our oceans – destroying marine life and contaminating beaches. Now scientists are exploring how they can get microbes to degrade these substances more effectively and thus reduce the pollution in the sea.