Alberto Scoma

Alberto Scoma is a postdoc at Gent University (LabMET). His areas of interest are bioprocessing, culture physiology and cell metabolism. He has been working with purple non-sulphur bacteria and green microalgae in photosynthetically-driven processes for the production of chemicals and bioenergy, as well as with bacteria and archea in anaerobic digestion processes, within the broader concept of second generation biorefineries. Within Kill•Spill he studies the microbial metabolism under high hydrostatic pressure, thus simulating marine environments at the seafloor. Further research is on bioelectrochemical systems able to support oil degradation in a marine environment. Both lines will be dedicated to the characterization of oil-degrading microbial communities, the isolatation of particularly performing strains, and the understanding of metabolic pathways leading to a sustained biodegradation.