Bangor University (Bangor)

The School of Biological sciences of Bangor University supports a vigorous research base in a number of areas, including molecular ecology, biodegradation and bioremediation, plant systems and technology.
The participating lab is equipped to a very high standard for research in molecular microbial ecology.
Main tasks in the project

  • Production and validation of the Kill●Spill Chip (WP2)
  • Application of community fingerprinting for the assessment of community dynamics in microcosm and mesocosm trials with various treatments (WP4)
  • Experimental assessment of oil booms’ efficiency (WP6)
  • Molecular analysis of microbial communities in field trials (WP 8)
Peter Golyshin - Contact this person by email

Prof Peter N Golyshin is the Chair in Environmental Genomics at the School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University. He is the Co-ordinator of EU FP7 Project MAMBA (Marine Metagenomics for New Biotechnological Applications).Key areas of experise comprise: Microbial genetics, microbial physiology, extremophilic Archaea, functional genomics, microbial degradation of petroleum oil in marine systems; microbial diversity of extreme environments; functional genomics of marine oil-degrading bacteria and metagenomics for mining novel enzymatic diversity

Tatyana Chernikova - Contact this person by email

Dr Tatyana Chernikova is Research Associate in the Schoo of Biological Sciences, Bangor University. For the past 10 years her research has been aiming at the assessment of physiologica and (meta)genomic diversity in pollutants’-degrading microbial communities. Her role in the project will be to analyse of gene landscape for biodegradation pathways and gene expression using gene probing, microarray technology and molecular fingerprinting.