BioBased Europe Ltd (BBE)

BioBased Europe Ltd is a SME specialized in manufacturing and distributing novel, 100% plant based, biosurfactants and biodispersants. These products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and readily biodegradable. BioBased Europe Ltd has the ability and capacity to deliver large volume of plant based bio surfactants for testing in use as dispersants, oil spill integrated treatment and bioremediation. They are also able to analyse, test and provide solutions against sludge type.
Main tasks in the project

  • Supply test Biosurfactant (WP3)
  • Deployment expertise (WP3,8)
  • Blending and mixing facilities (WP3,8)
Lee D’Arcy - Contact this person by email

Lee is the Managing Director of BBE, he has had major success commercializing a wide variety of businesses both nationally and internationally. His current directive is to steer BBE to an IPO in 2013 and establish manufacturing and blending operations for BBE globally.