Biorem Engineering (BIOREM)

BIOREM develops integrated, next-generation solutions for remediation of soil, sediments and water. Several of BIOREM’s innovative solutions have been applied successfully at fullscale. Biorem Engineering has developed a range of specialty environmental treatment products among them innovative slow-release oxygen compositions (gels, powders and granules) at pH neutrality.
Main tasks in the project

  • Optimization and application of Oxygel: a slow-release source of oxygen that can be formulated into a dispersing gel as a bioremediation agent (WP3)
  • Combination of Aerobeads with selection microbial cultures, resulting in porous inoculated oxygen release pellets: multifunctional agents for combating oilspills (WP6) and for combating chronic pollution of sediments (WP5)
Wim De Windt - Contact this person by email

Dr. Ir. Wim De Windt, CEO of Biorem Engineering, is responsible for strategy implementation in an international SME, and has more than 10Y experience in the Clean Tech sector. He roadmaps the development of BIOREM’s most innovative chemical products, with successfully completed market tests. In previous career highlights, he developed marketable nanotechnology, negotiated milestone agreements with a pharmaceutical multinational and was active as a Top-5 innovation consultant in a group of over 20,000 engineers. He is supervisor of several international R&D projects in the Clean Tech sector.