Creative Research Solution (CRS)

Creative Research Solutions BVBA (CRS) was founded in 2003 when it mainly focused on the development of novel in vitro technologies for pharmaceutical research. Next to its extensive experience with traditional in vitro testing methods, CRS is also at the forefront of the development of novel technologies in this field. Specifically the use of optical biosensors for oxygen (consumption), humidity, pH and other parameters that mirror a biological response. CRS hold several patents for a novel device for rapid screening of biosensors in multiwell plates. These biosensors can be used for the measurement of cellular respiration, but also to measure the activity of oxidative enzymes in coloured or turbid media.
Main tasks in the project

  • Production of the biosensor opto-electronic read-out
  • Field application of the biosensor systems (WP8)
Rob Onderwater - Contact this person by email

Dr Rob Onderwater is the owner of Creative Research Solutions. Originally trained as a toxicologist he has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, in bioremediation of soil and wastewater, in white and green biotech and is currently also involved in biorefinery. CRS has developed several new technologies for laboratory research and as a result he has also gained experience in electronics and optics.