Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

The Department of Geochemistry (DG), GEUS is experienced in research dealing with fate and transport of organic chemicals in soil and water. The research of DG focuses on applied microbial ecology of contaminated soil and water resources, especially the fate of pesticides, oil and PAH compounds. Recent research projects have investigated isomer-specific degradation of methylated PAHs, quantification of PAH degraders in soil by quantitative real time PCR, and the development of miniaturized radio-respirometric methods.
Main tasks in the project

  • Development of isomer ratio indicators as a tool to access oil biodegradation (WP2)
  • Development of molecular tools for monitoring genes relevant for the degradation of hydrocarbons in the marine environment (WP2)
  • Seawater and sediment sampling in the Disko Bay, Western Greenland (WP8).
  • Validation of the chemical and molecular monitoring techniques developed at real oil spills (WP8)
Jens Aamand - Contact this person by email

Professor Jens Aamand, Ph.D. is a microbiologist at the department of geochemistry, GEUS where he is responsible for the microbiology laboratory. He is professor in environmental microbiology. His key expertise is development of different remediation technologies for organic pollutants. He is leader of the EU project BIOTREAT ( and MIRESOWA (www.miresowa) about remediation of polluted water and soil. During his employment at GEUS he has supervised/supervise 17 Ph.D fellows.

Louise Feld - Contact this person by email

Dr Louise Feld is a researcher at Dept. of Geochemistry, GEUS. She has a PhD in bacterial ecology and horizontal gene transfer from the Technical University of Denmark. Her current research focuses on bacterial adaptation to xenobiotics. She has expertise in gene expression and quantification of mRNA transcripts by qPCR. She is involved with several ongoing projects - GENEPEASE ( on the impact of pesticides on microbial processes in soil and BIOTREAT ( and MIRESOWA ( on remediation of polluted water and soil.

Carsten Suhr Jacobsen - Contact this person by email

Professor Carsten Suhr Jacobsen, Ph.D. is a microbiologist at the Department of Geochemistry, GEUS where he is responsible for the molecular microbial ecology laboratory. He is co-PI for the large center of excellence “CENPERM” ( that has just started and plans to run for 10 years with focus on microbial processes in cold environment. He has a large network in the molecular microbial ecology community and is heading the Nordic Environmental Nucleotide Network ( He is further PI for several smaller projects including the FNU founded project Exploring the Emerging Microbial Ecosystem of the Greenland Ice Sheet ( and GENomic tools for assEssment of Pesticide Effects on the Agricultural Soil Ecosystem (

Anders R. Johnsen - Contact this person by email

A. R. Johnsen, PhD, is a senior researcher at Dept. of Geochemistry, GEUS, within the area of environmental microbiology. A.R. Johnsen’s research has for the last 15 years focused on the environmental fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and oil compounds in arctic and temperate climates.