HeiQ Materials (HeiQ)

HeiQ Materials AG is a Swiss SME producing high-performance sustainable effects for textiles. HeiQ develops and manufactures chemical formulations for the treatment of functional textiles. As a provider of highly functional treatments, HeiQ thoroughly understands the textile production and supply chain and has a demonstrated capability for rapidly scaling laboratory developments into industrial production and commercial operation. A leading example of HeiQ’s expertise in the area of textiles and oil-spill related topics is the OILGUARD product (www.oilguard.org) which is a specialized fabric developed to enable rapid-deployment of wide-area fabrics to protect shorelines from incoming marine oilspills. This technology was field-deployed during the 2010 Deepwater horizons event and was awarded the Swiss Technology Prize in 2010.
Main tasks in the project

  • Development of novel sorbent materials (WP3)
  • Improved biodegrading boom for small oilspills (WP6)