MADEP an environmental biotechnology company, specialized in the development and field application of fungal and bacterial for bioremediation of contaminated sites (groundwater, landfill leachate, soil, wastewater, sediments), for treatment of organic waste by methanization and composting and treatment of industrial/chemical and urban wastewater. The company offers a wide range of bioremediation and biodegradation services and techniques including co-developing
innovative reactors designs. MADEP possesses strong expertise in the isolation and multiplication of microorganisms (in lab and on-site) for bioaugmentation and for this can draw on a library of bacteria and fungi, which have been partly isolated from a large variety of polluted sites.
Main tasks in the project

  • Large scale production of specialized microbes for field tests of bioaugmentation (WP4)
  • Development of cultivation techniques and formulation of microbial inocula in the perspective of on-site processes (WP4)
  • Optimization of the biodegradation and biostimulation processes to use on site (technical, nutritional and physico-chemical) (WP8)
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Trello BEFFA founded MADEP SA in 2002. He holds a PhD in microbiology mycology and bacteriology. He regularly collaborates with the industry, municipalities, private offices as well as local and national authorities active in the biotechnology field of the environmental and industrial microbiology, and bioremediation.