National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)

NUIG is represented in the project by the Ryan Institute promoting interdisciplinary excellence in environmental, marine and energy research. Activities include both research in support of policy and research with industrial partners. A work focus is on benthic ecology. The group has developed and built sediment profile imaging (SPI) cameras and has an extensive array of benthic sampling tools including drop cameras and HAPS corers.
Main tasks in the project

  • Field work component to compliment MBA mesocosm experiments (WP5)
  • Acute toxicity tests and survey design for field work (WP7&8)
Dr Louise Allcock - Contact this person by email

Louise Allcock is a principal investigator in the Ryan institute and lecturer in the School of Natural Sciences (Zoology) at NUI Galway. She is co-editor Journal of Natural History; Fellow and former Council Member of the Linnean Society; President Cephalopod International Advisory Council; Co-ordinator IUCN red data list for Cephalopoda; Cephalopoda curator for Encyclopedia of Life (EoL) and ICES working group member WGCEPH.

Prof. Mark Johnson - Contact this person by email

Mark Johnson is Professor of Marine Environment at NUI Galway. His research background is in the analysis and simulation of both benthic and pelagic marine communities. He has wide experience in research project management, including large national programmes (Marine Functional Foods Initiative and Marine Biodiscovery Programme), Interreg (Sharebiotech and Biotecmar) and FP7 projects (Aquafuels, NEPHROPS).