University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)

The core activities of the IEC at the FHNW include Environmental Technologies and Nanobiotechnology for environmental applications, while ICB is mainly focussing on Supramolecular Chemistry and synthesis of nanomaterials. The School of Life Sciences possesses lab facilities such as pilot-scale lab, trace analysis lab and radioisotope lab, which are all equipped with cutting-edge devices (e.g. LC-MS ion trap coupled to radiodetector, LC-ICP-MS, LC-MS Q-TOF). Molecular biological methods for microbial characterisation are at hand, as well as cutting-edge microscopic equipment (e.g. ESEM-EDX, TEM, Raman Microscopy, FTIR-microscopy, AFM, etc.).
Main tasks in the project

  • Production of smart mesoporous systems; test their suitability for intensified oil biodegradation (WP4)
  • Apply the mesoporous material within integrated oil spill remediation strategy (WP6)
  • Administrative management of the project together with TUC (WP10)
Philippe Corvini - Contact this person by email

Prof. Dr. habil. Philippe Corvini is professor of Environmental Biotechnology and head of Institute for Ecopreneurship (30-40 scientists) at the School of Life Sciences. He is the scientific coordinator of MINOTAURUS FP7 project on the use of immobilized enzymes and microorganisms for bioremediation applications. He is Swiss representative of the Section Environmental Biotechnology of the European Federation of Biotechnology and co-leader of the platform Biorefinery of the CTI F&E consortium Sustainable Engineering.

Patrick Shahgaldian - Contact this person by email

Prof. Dr. Shahgaldian is full Professor in Nanochemistry at FHNW and leads the Supramolecular Chemistry group. He is also Swiss national representative of cost action CM1005 “Supramolecular Chemistry in Water”. Within Kill•Spill he is developing nanoparticles for the smart release of nutrients to oil-degrading bacteria.

Rita Hochstrat - Contact this person by email

Rita holds a diploma in biology and M.Techn. in Environmental Sciences. In the past ten years she has been managing a number of European research projects. InKill•Spill she is looking after a smooth administrative execution of the project.