University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (ICTP)

The Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology has a lot of experience in environmental research work.
Main tasks in the project

  • Development, research and production of bio-carriers functioning as sorbents, slow-release nutrients and oildegrading and/or biosurfactant producing bacteria support; test their suitability for intensified oil biodegradation (WP4)
  • Apply the mesoporous material within integrated oil spill remediation strategy (WP6)
Katerina Demnerova - Contact this person by email

Prof. Ing. Kateřina Demnerová, CSc. is working at the Institute of Chemical Technology for forty years at the department of Biochemistry and Microbiology (last seven years as a head of department). The main part of her professional activities are focused on the environmental biotechnology – use of biological agents for cleaning processes. She has been participating on seven EU project dealing with this topic and at least 30 national project. On the Web of Sci she has around 180 publications and her Hirsch factor is 17.

Petr Kastanek - Contact this person by email

Ing. Petr Kastanek, Ph D., Biotechnologist and Biochemical Engineer. Director of BIORAF – Czech Biorefinery Research Centre of Competence, CEO of off-spin company EcoFuel Laboratories, Project manager of bilateral Czech-Israel project ALGAFUELS, member and co-coordinator of national Czech projects ENDOPHYTES (symbiotic microorganisms for energy crops) and OMEGA-NUTRITION (novelty foods from microalgae). Research activities in areas of bioreactors, down-stream processes for micro algae biotechnology, bio-prospecting of natural compounds in extreme environments and Biorefining.

Blanka Vrchotová - Contact this person by email

Blanka Vrchotová is finishing her PhD while researching on the biological degradation of chlorobenzoic acids from the environment and on their analytical determination in differen matrixes.