University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

The Environmental Chemistry and Physics (ECP) section at the UCPH is specialised in environmental analytical chemistry, environmental chemometrics, ecotoxicology, and soil chemistry and  soil physics. It has developed cutting-edge analytical methods for contaminant profiling in sediments, soils, biota and aqueous solutions.
Main tasks in the project

  • Modify and implement the CHEMSIC (chemometric analysis of selection ion chromatograms) fingerprinting method for chemical assessment of bioremediation efficiency (WP2)
  • Use of the CHEMSIC method to calculate sets of isomer ratios, and to link changes in these ratios with the presence of specific isomer degraders using multivariate calibration techniques (WP2.2)
  • Use of the CHEMSIC method for quantitative evaluation of biodegradation compared to all other weathering processes including dilution during field tests (WP8)
Linus Malmquist - Contact this person by email

Linus Malmquist is until May 2013 a PhD student at University of Copenhagen and Roskilde University. His current study regards interactions between benthic invertebrates (Nereis diversicolor) and the fate of sediment-bound alkylated PAHs in aquatic systems. The overall objective of his project is to identify and quantify the primary degradation products of alkylated PAHs. He has been in the field of analytical chemistry and oil degradation for about 8 years dealing mostly with method development and quality control.

Jan H Christensen - Contact this person by email

Jan H Christensen is associate professor of Environmental Analytical Chemistry. He is head of the Analytical Chemistry group and of the Research Center for Advanced Analytical Chemistry at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen. He has pioneered cutting-edge analytical and chemometric methods for oil hydrocarbon fingerprinting - among others the CHEMSIC method for fingerprinting of > 500 oil compounds. He now works with all aspects of contaminant fingerprinting and environmental metabolomics. In 2009 he received the Harald Bohr award for the best teacher of the year at University of Copenhagen.