Vermicon (VER)

Vermicon AG is an internationally active company in the field of microbiology and molecular-biology. Vermicon focuses on application-oriented research projects and developments like tailor-made detection tools for microbiological contaminations in diverse sample material. One main focus is the use of cultivation-independent technologies (FISH, PCR, DGGE) in order to trace microbial contaminants and to establish microbial population profiles. Vermicon owns excellent laboratory facilities for research and production.
Main tasks in the project

  • Development of easy-to-use cultivation-independent diagnostic kits for oil spoiling microorganisms (WP2)
  • Adaptation of tools for the quality control of such microorganisms in higher volume fermentations (WP4)
  • Testing and benchmarking of diagnostic tools under real conditions (WP8).
Jiri Snaidr - Contact this person by email

Dr. Jiri Snaidr is CEO and president of vermicon. He has a PhD in microbiology. He founded vermicon in 1997 and focused its activities on the highly specific and rapid detection of microorganisms in all sector of the industrial microbiology. He is a member in several international biotechnical and microbiological committees.

Claudia Beimfohr - Contact this person by email

Dr. Claudia Beimfohr is CTO of vermicon. She has a PhD in microbiology. Claudia leads all R&D activities at vermicon and is responsible for the production of the vermicon detection systems for fast and specific analysis of microorganisms.