Additives (WP4)

Microbial and additive formulations for enhanced bioremediation

Spiros Agathos, UCL & Peter Golyshin, Bangor

The aim of WP4 is to transfer the capabilities of microorganisms (MO) into innovative formulations for bioaugmentation activities and to serve as a base for further developments in WP6.
Major objectives:

  • Enrichment, isolation and improvement of novel degraders (single strains and consortia) adapted to so far unconsidered environmental conditions
  • Development of biostimulant formulations for enhanced bioremediation
  • Evaluation of biosurfactant producing microorganisms as part of bioaugmentation formulations and their positive contribution to hydrocarbon (HC) degradation efficiency
  • Identification of constraints and microcosm experiments to ensure an efficient and optimal composition of developed formulations.