Biosensors (WP2)

Development of biosensors and in-situ monitoring tools to determine biodegradation efficiency

Fernando Rojo, CSIC-CNB

Our work focuses on the development and application of (bio)monitoring methods such as biosensors, transcriptomics, stable isotope ratios and diagnostic isomer ratios. These approaches are to be used to verify biodegradation processes in spill events and to better characterise the microbes involved.
Major objectives:

  • develop efficient and cost-effective tools and methods to allow the in-situ monitoring of hydrocarbon pollutants during and after the desired decontamination treatments have taken place
  • evaluate their efficiency, as well as the monitoring of the biodegradation potential of the microbial communities present at the contaminated site
  • provide the authorities with a toolbox of methods for documenting biodegradation in future oil spills